Welcome To Waterfall Creations

Waterfall Creations Inc. designs, consults, constructs waterfalls, fountains and a variety of architectural embellishments.

Since 1978 our goal has been to create a unique experience and ambiance for our clients.

Interior and exterior projects have been completed for residences, museums, amusement parks, hospitals, zoos, botanical gardens, lobbies, store display windows and roof top gardens.

Interior and exterior projects have been completed for:

  •    Michael Jackson's Residence
  •    Hermes New York
  •    Mandarin Oriental, NYC
  •    Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
  •    The Plaza Hotel, NYC
  •    San Antonio River Walk Grotto
  •    Citigroup 666 5th Avenue Roof Garden, NYC
  •    Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  •    Kim Basinger Residence
  •    Donna Summer Residence California
  •    Luther Vandross
  •    Alice Cooper Residence
  •    Herb Albert Residence
  •    Judd Hirsch Residence
  •    Gianni Versace Residence
  •    Paul Rudolph Residence
  •    Estee Lauder Residence NY
  •    Royal Manor Garfield, NJ
  •    Winston Towers, Cliffside Park, NJ
  •    World Trade Center Model Mock-up
  •    Little Rock Arkansas Zoo.
  •    Diamond Springs Waterpark, AR
  •    Knoebels Amusement Park Elysburg PA
  •    Jeff Hyland Beverly Hills Realtor

Our Projects include:

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